Testimonials - ANKH Tarot


“Noah was amazing and spot on with current and past events in my life. I was very moved and impressed. I highly recommend Noah for an in-depth detailed reading. I plan to visit him again and will recommend to friends.” Jason
“Noah is an amazing guide. He truly helped me through a rough path in my life. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends!” Desiree
“Lauralei’s Facebook Live Tarot Broadcasts are awesome! Love, love, love her energy!” Citrine Chaka
“Noah WOW! This resonates! It has been tough lately, especially after losing my dad! Thank you for your kindness Noah, you are full of love. Been very crazy! Truly appreciate you, thank you from my heart!” Joanne

“I want to thank Sarah for giving me an incredibly indepth 30-min reading! It has helped me reflect on where I put my energy and how to better help myself!” Sushi Fushi
“Thanks, Noah, for a great reading. You were spot on! “ Florence
“I had an online tarot reading with Noah – he was so warm, welcoming and friendly and the reading was spot on and really resonated with me. I can’t recommend him enough. I wish I lived closer so I could have a proper walk-in reading!” Tina
“I had a tarot reading done by Christian and the experience was fantastic! He was able to give me an idea of what is coming around the corner for me (which I already feel the winds of now). Intuitively I knew to be prepared for whats to come, and his guidance backed this up for me” Ellie

“I had a reading with Noah and I am so impressed. I laughed, I cried, I reflected on my entire life. He really took his time and explained every card in depth and how it relates to my life; past, present and future. He truly loves his gift and helping people. I am just amazed.” Cheyenne
“Noah helped to keep me sane through a tough spot in my life. He gave me hope to keep fighting for my relationship. Now that relationship has budded so much that I’m getting married soon. So yes, thanks to Noah, I didn’t lose faith in the man of my dreams and now he’s soon to become my husband. Thanks so much, Noah! Love you!” Stephanie
“I highly recommend Noah and will definitely make a connection with him again. I received a mediumship reading and I have to say that he was absolutely respectful and compassionate in the entire reading. I loved the fact that he was very honest and I really truly appreciated that throughout the reading.” Laurie Ann
“Noah is immeasurably gifted and talented. I initially came across Noah, after the loss of my three daughters. Noah had little to no information of my circumstance. Noah immediately began by stating facts, he could not have possibly known, regarding my daughters death. It was a very emotional and overwhelming reading for both of us. I knew it was a difficult reading for Noah, yet he endured. I would highly recommend Noah for spiritual guidance, receiving answers to your specific questions, and a glimpse into your future. His youthful and optimistic outlook on life and more specifically, the need to help others, is remarkable. I have experienced his expertise first hand, as well as witnessed his readings to others. All were on point. Thank you, Noah, for sharing your gifts with all who seek it. You continue to amaze me. Always remember your worth. You’re are an amazing and beautiful soul.” Andrea Lockett Johnson