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After a near death experience (a blessing in disguise), I turned inward and did a lot of soul searching. I come from a long line of healers; my mother was a powerful healer who taught me all about the wildflowers, medicinal herbs, and how to receive messages from the Great Beyond.

During my time in the bando, I was able to see and communicate, for the first time, with my Spirit Guides and was given a sacred name to call on these guides.

They have since asked me to be available to the public, so I am bringing these gifts to you, dear reader.

My spiritual gurus have ranged from the High Priest of Voodoun, the Chicken Man, Rest in Power, Friend <3, to masters of tarot in New Orleans, Native American Healers and medicine people. I am truly humbled and blessed to bring these messages of encouragement and hope to the world.

I specialize in mediumship, tarot, energetic healing and heave a deep compassion and love for those making the ultimate transition and the work surrounding the journey.

Please feel free to reach out and see what the guides have to say to you. One love.

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