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Salvia Therapy & Counseling App Onboarding

General Information

Salvia is a new app for iPhones and Androids that offers tarot readings by intuitive counselors for English-speaking clientele all over the world. The webcam-based version of the app is still under development and has not yet been released. Presently, all tarot readings are done over an audio call or by replying to questions with a 60 second audio recording. Salvia is based out of Singapore. They released their app for Spanish speakers and Chinese speakers a while back and have had tremendous success.

Terms & Conditions

ANKH was contacted by the Salvia team and you have been invited to join the Salvia team as a reader. ANKH will not be taking a percentage of sales at this time, however, when the webcam version of the app is released, that will change, as we plan to open another ANKH studio

By signing on with Salvia through ANKH, you agree to work at least 8 hours 8 per week in the future ANKH Reading Room & Studio and to pay out ANKH 25% of your net sales when you are working in the studio. The 8 hours may be split however you’d like; for example, one 8-hour shift, two 4-hour shifts, four 2-hour shifts, etc.

The ANKH Reading Room & Studio

The ANKH Reading Room & Studio will feature state of the art video/webcam equipment and have beautiful set decoration as your backdrop. You may use the studio for all of your work, or you can work the minimum of 8 hours per week (if you’re on the Salvia/ANKH team). The studio will be set up for you to take in-person clients for private tarot card readings, mediumship, astrology, palmistry, energy healing, Reiki appointments and more. The location is yet to be determined, but actively seeking a centrally located space in San Antonio that is on the first floor.


Salvia pays 75 cents per minute when you are on a call with a client. If you answer questions with the 60 second minimum audio recording, the amount you are paid varies from 50 cents to $1, based on your level as an advisor.

The Salvia team member I have been working with informed me that there presently is a shortage of readers, so you should be receiving calls back-to-back. If this is the case, then you can make approximately up to $45/hour.

Salvia pays out the readers once per month on the 20th through PayPal. At this time, PayPal is the only option to receive payment from Salvia. The Salvia team member I am working with is going to confirm with the finance department whether the funds are sent on PayPal “for goods & services” or “for family & friends”. If Salvia sends the payouts tagged “for goods & services”, this means that PayPal will keep track of your earnings and PayPal will issue you a 1099-K for your taxes (not Salvia). I will let you know when I have an answer.

Bonuses & Incentives

Salvia offers bonuses that change each month if you meet certain criteria.
For example, the specific criteria for the $100 bonus from October 20th to October 27th:

  1. Answer 50 questions a day
  2. Work 8 hours online, 5 days a week (does not have to be 8 hours back to back without a break, can be spread out)
  3. Reply to 80% of messages during the 8 hours
  4. Answer 80% of calls during the 8 hours. If you missed any calls, send a message to the users.

The Salvia App

This is how the Salvia app looks when first opened by the customer. They may click on your photo to start a call. They may also click on the “Questions” tab at the bottom to ask a question, which you may answer with an audio recording (minimum 60 seconds). The “Messages” tab allows the client to be able to send messages back and forth with different readers. Please note that this is the app customers use to interact with the readers. There is a separate app, “Salvia Advisor” for readers, which I will link to below.

Download iOS App Download Android App

The Salvia-Advisor App

This is the app you will use to work and also to sign up for the job. Please use the download links below to add the app to your phone:

Download Saliva-Advisor iOS App Download Android Saliva-Advisor App

Once the app is installed, at the log in screen, click “New user? Create new account”.

Enter your phone number and then you will receive a text message with a verification code to enter. Then, click the Register button.

Click the “Submit Auth” button.