banishing & blessing rituals

If you have just moved into a new home or apartment, recently gone through a divorce, had a change of roommates, or if you’re feeling negative energies or entities, such as poltergeists, incubi or succubi, a banishing ritual and blessing ritual may be necessary.

Soror Helen Portree is an ordained Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica Priestess, whose expertise is performing banishing and blessing rituals.

The Star Ruby is a Thelemic Pentagram Ritual is the banishing ritual used by Soror Helen. The invocation of Pan by the application of the N.O.X formula elevates the Star Ruby through integrating the formula of the Supernal Triad.

This is an effective ritual to to seal portals to the outside world and for the banishment of malevolent forces – sometimes there are powerful forces that mean to do harm. Soror Helen will open a doorway to the dimension that the entity comes from and force it through. Unless you are highly skilled you should not attempt to remove malevolent entities yourself.

House blessing rituals are used when moving into a new dwelling to make it a sacred and personal space. The ritual performed takes portions from Stawhawk’s Spiral Dance.

Beings that may not be affected by a house blessings are:

Fairy folk – the Sidhe, and the likes, will not leave as they do not perceive themselves as malevolent. To control their activities leave out a bowl of water and a bowl of milk. This should pacify them enough for you to continue with them pledging you.

Human souls – They may perceive that the house is theirs or they may not be aware that they are dead. In these cases a medium must go into trance and contact them. Our skilled medium can lead spirits who do not know they are dead or how to get to the next realm to the third high plane and guide them towards the light or communicate with them to see what it is they want. Some spirits may choose to remain and not go on to the next plane, e.g. ancestors. It is necessary that we assure that they will not cause harm or mischief to the household.

Soror Helen Portree giving the Star Ruby Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram at Paranormal PLAYLAND 2021.

pricing – $60
+$10 per additional floor or for large spaces

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