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Lyn Raven Storm

My name is Lyn Raven Storm. I am an Elder of the Sybilline Order, a pagan teaching group based out of Texas. I was ordained as a member of the Universal Life Church clergy in 2012 and received my Reiki Master attunement shortly thereafter. 

I am an intuitive counselor and have been walking my path for about 30 years. I consider myself a grey weather witch. I read tarot, analyze astrological birth charts, facilitate pagan classes, provide Reiki energy for healing, handfasting/wedding services, cleansings/blessings, spell workings, & various other supplemental services.

I considered myself a multimedia artist of various mediums; ranging from various visual arts, meditation beads, and handfasting cords.

For Booking Inquiries, please email appointments@ankh.fyi