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Hey y’all !

I’ve been working with my spirit guides since I was fourteen. My grandmother who has since passed on, and my sister from one of my past lives make up my spirit team! I’ve been working with their guidance to hone my intuition and healing powers for over half a decade!

I picked up astrology as a hobby a little before my eighteenth birthday. In the first reading I had with a professional astrologer, I was told that I may have a career as an astrologer or in a spiritual field. (This was due to my Pisces MC),

I started with attempting to read and learn my own chart thoroughly; which followed by learning and observing every chart that I could get my hands on. I started with readings around kitchen tables; and over-time built a business based on in-depth natal chart and transit readings. My readings center validation for my clients lived experiences; and trauma-informed-planetary-healing.

I’m so proud and excited to join this team! I can’t wait to meet all of you and read all that your chart has to offer!

Juno is currently on leave. Please email us to check her availability: